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Africa may be the second largest and most gorgeous continent in the world. It hosting companies some of the best tourist attraction locations that you would probably love to check out before you die. You will certainly love these places once you read and know more about all of them.


Masai Mara-Kenya


Masai Mara is one of the greatest wildlife supplies in Africa. It is situated in the Kenya's southwest and it is a part of the northern portion of the Serengeti national recreation area. Serengeti National Part is actually widely known for the large quantity from the big cats, leopards, elephants, cheetahs and more so for your migration of zebra in order to and from the park each year from July to Oct.


The best time to visit Masai Mara is between June as well as August every year since it is actually during this period that the wildebeests migrate from the Serengeti National Recreation area to Masai Mara looking for water and green pastures. The Masai Mara also offers the most Luxurious camps wherever tourists can relax and blend nature. These camps consist of BaseCamp, Governors, Olmoran and many more.


Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe Boundary


This is a waterfall that is located on the Zambezi River in the Zambia-Zimbabwe border and is popular for being the largest waterfall in the world. Surely The Victoria Drops is one of the most beautiful sites within Africa that you must see before you decide to die not only because of its elegance but also because of its unusual drop and the diversity of the animals around it. It is possible to go swimming safely in the pools towards the top of the falls on the Zambian side.


Pyramids of Giza-Egypt


There are over 100 pyramids in Egypt and most of these build as tombs keep the bodies of the lifeless pharaohs. In these tombs the actual pharaohs' bodies will carry on receiving food offerings after their death. The greatest of those pyramids is the tomb associated with pharaoh that is in Giza.


Etosha National Park within Namibia


It is one of the most essential and best game supplies in Africa, it homes a wide variety of mammal, bird, creature and amphibian species. Visitors can camp here and revel in a wonderful game viewing actually at night, bird watching as well as enjoy game drives.


Chode National Park


Chode Nationwide Park supports a large number of wildlife which can only be present in this park and no place else in this world and it also offers one of the Africa's amazing streams. Visitors can take a water cruise; undergo extra regular bird watching of more than 400 bird species as well as encounter different type of creatures in their safari trip.


Virunga Mountains in Uganda/ Rwanda/ DRC borders


This is a cycle of volcanic mountains discovered along the borders of Uganda, DRC and Rwanda. Aside from their beauty, the jungles of the Virunga Mountains would be the only remaining homes from the endangered gorillas. Visitors will have a ball on the island as some other interesting animals such as chimpanzees, the okapi and also the forest elephants.


Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


Mount Kilimanjaro may be the highest mountain in The african continent and also the world's tallest position free mountain. The area about Mount Kilimanjaro is a house to some of the Africa's leading wildlife parks and supplies. This is why Mount Kilimanjaro is essential place to visit in The african continent.


Cape Winelands, South Africa


Gabardine Winelands is the largest area in Western Cape which produces a higher percent from the world's finest wines. Gabardine Winelands hosts some of the most well-known hotels and restaurants within South Africa, romantic gateways as well as spas where tourists may explore and also go for the planet's famous wine tasting.




It is known for being the idea of attraction of Indian native Ocean. Bazaruto is a preservation area that is now becoming protected along with the coral reefs that surrounds the island. Site visitors can enjoy a wonderful bird viewing and experience a first rate scuba diving.

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